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The Lloyd's 7s tournament at the Richmond Athletic Ground

Dara Kane17 May - 12:05
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Over 8,700 people attended the Lloyd's 7s!

The Richmond Athletic Ground (RAG) is proud to have been the home of the Lloyd's 7s for multiple decades. Click here to view the event.

Over the years, The RAG has become a premier venue for Rugby 7s, hosting elite teams such as Great Britain 7s, Australia 7s, and Tonga 7s. As well as the Lloyd's 7s, we are the hosts of the renowned Summer Social, arguably the largest sports tournament in London. With these events and activities, The RAG is swiftly earning its reputation as the home of 7s rugby in England.

The Lloyd's 7s is the major sporting event for the insurance sector. This event is always in high demand, popular with the rugby and netball teams taking part and equally popular for those coming down from their offices to enjoy the social occasion.

The numbers for this annual event are massive, consisting of 55 hospitality marquees, 420 players and 8,700 + spectators! A video of the event is on our YouTube Channel.

The Rugby 7s kicked off at 12 pm noon and ran through until 18:20 pm when the Grand Final took place on the Grandstand pitch. All matches were played across six of our pitches.

The Netball started at 10:40 am and ran through until 16:00 pm when the finals took place on the netball courts at Old Deer Park.

Touch rugby kicked off at 16:45 pm and ran through until 18:15 pm when the finals took place. All matches were played on Pitch 4 at The RAG.

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