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Volunteering at Richmond Rugby

Volunteering at Richmond Rugby

Dara Kane6 Jun - 11:00
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In celebration of Volunteering Week - A thank you to our latest volunteer

This week we’re celebrating the dedicated individuals who helped make Richmond Rugby the club it is today and make the Richmond Athletic Ground the best place to watch rugby!

We interviewed Minis Chair, Laura Martin about her volunteering experience so far at Richmond Rugby.

Why do you volunteer and what is your motivation?
Volunteering gives me another sense of purpose, in addition to being a busy mum of two boys! I choose to do it because it is something for me. I enjoy working with people and helping to make a difference where I can!

What is your drive behind helping out Richmond Rugby?
This club is very special to lots of people for lots of reasons. For me, it is my son who first came here after recovering from major heart surgery and there began his road back to health and his love of pre-school rugby. He has absolutely thrived and we have never left since! I want to be part of the club for my children and to support them, but also to help make a difference to other families who have their own Mini’s journeys here at Richmond and strive to make Richmond Mini’s the very best it can be.

How does it feel to be Minis Chair?
It feels very exciting! I think it’s important to take opportunities and to make the most of every day. I feel honoured to have the role as the first woman Minis Chair for Richmond. As a mum, it is a joy to be further involved in the Mini’s, I truly believe this is where it all begins.
I am looking forward to working with lots of people in and around the club to help make a difference.

What has been your favourite experience at Richmond Rugby so far?
Watching Oscar (my son) thrive and develop his confidence and passion. Being part of that with him every week is really special and rewarding. The volunteers have already made a huge difference to this journey.
We also love going to the home games, and watching some of our community coaches play. I particularly enjoyed the historic 160th anniversary clash vs Blackheath where lots of our age group parents got a big table for dinner here on the Friday night, and had an amazing time watching the game!
My hope is for more parents and age groups to come together, as it has given our group a lovely bond!

What three things are most important to you in your volunteering role?
Communication, kindness and positivity!

What kind of satisfaction do you get from this type of work?
It is hugely satisfying. I enjoy working alongside other like-minded people who have a drive for the club, the children and families that are part of it all. You meet some amazing people that you wouldn’t normally meet in other areas of your life and that’s really valuable. For us, but also for the children, who watch and take inspiration from us, and also get to create new friendships they wouldn’t have in other areas such as school.

Have you volunteered anywhere else before, if so, where?
At a school, and many moons ago, in a veterinary practice.

How much would you recommend volunteering at Richmond Rugby?
I may be biased of course, but I absolutely recommend it! I never planned to volunteer. But then I realised that you have to be the change to create change. I have much more fun now that I do volunteer, it is a good feeling to make a difference. But also, that we are all important. Everyone has their own energy and personality to bring to the club.

How can you get involved with volunteering at Richmond Rugby?
This club is for everybody. and anybody can help! This might be as:
- a volunteer coach for a Mini’s age group, or managing your age group with the admin related tasks
- it might be helping at one of the Mini’s festivals as a pitch marshall.
- Helping at a summer fair or school fair.
- Handing out flyers to shout about the Richmond Mini’s.
- Taking care of the kit (bibs and balls etc).
And best of all, spreading the word to all your friends! Everyone can be an advocate for the club, which in turn helps our club become better and better.
There are so many ways to be involved if you want to. If you are enthusiastic and want to work with others, volunteering here is for you! I am always here to chat if anyone wants to be involved somehow but isn’t sure where to start!

Volunteers needed for the 24/25 season for various roles
- Pop up shops at The RAG
- Handing out flyers to shout about the Richmond Minis
- Helping out at a Summer Fair or School Fair
- Guard of Honour/Game Care
- Ball Boys at Men’s 1st XV Fixtures
- Stadium Announcer at Men’s 1st XV Home Fixtures
- Operate the Scoreboard at Men’s 1st XV and Women’s 1st XV Home Fixtures

If you would like to be a volunteer at Richmond Rugby for the 24/25 season, please contact

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