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Cardiac screening is at the heart of the Richmond Heavies Foundation.

Our core aim is to ensure that every opportunity is given to safeguard against undiagnosed heart conditions and thereby prevent tragedy within our rugby community.

To that end, working together with a number of screening partners, we have put in place a fully funded cardiac screening programme offering a flexible, age-appropriate screening solution for all relevant (age 14+) playing and coaching members of Richmond Rugby, as well as referees and club staff.

In our first year 2019, we screened 300 Richmond players and coaches, across three specific screening days at the club. Out of those screened, 10 people have had referrals and two people have had additional support from the Richmond Heavies Foundation to see a specialist cardiologist in light of difficulties identified only because of this programme.

In 2020 and 2021 we had planned to offer further screening days, with our screening partners, Tic Cardio and The New Victoria Hospital, for new players who have joined, and those who have now turned 14. Unfortunately, COVID has prevented that happening. With COVID restrictions lifted in 2022 we once again held cardiac screening days at the club and have now screened over 600 players and coaching members of Richmond Rugby, as well as referees and club staff.

Our cardiac screening objectives for this season (2023/24) kick off in October with the Championship squad and then we have further screenings planned for adults players and the youth section (14 and over). We should achieved more than 700 screenings in total from when we first start back in 2019 by the end of the season.


Through our partnership with New Victoria Hospital, The Richmond Heavies Foundation has secured an exclusive and exciting opportunity for club members to be cardiac screened for a fraction of the normal price.

For just £60, current Richmond members can book an appointment at the New Victoria Hospital and an ECG will be conducted, with the results reviewed by one of the in-house cardiac consultants along with a pre-circulated lifestyle questionnaire. This service would normally cost over £300! If any issues are detected, patients can either be referred for further tests via their private medical insurance, choose to continue further treatment self-funded or be referred back to their GP and the NHS.

This programme is an extension of the screening programme for players and coaches that has already covered 550 people, and reflects the Richmond Heavies Foundation’s commitment to the early detection of potentially life threatening cardiac issues.

For details on how to book please click here.